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Paying it Forward to Healthcare Workers
We love at the Code that for every item purchased, Happiness Is Inc. is paying it forward to a front-line health care worker with a t-shirt of happiness. It’s an opportunity to bring a small smile to a healthcare workers otherwise stressful day.


Happiness is something we all wish to have, but sometimes have trouble achieving.  Modern life contributes to our anxiety; it's busy, fast-paced, stressful, and full of doubt.  At the age of 95, with wisdom, reflection and passion, Gordon Carton founded Happiness Is Inc., as a way to inspire us to find our happiness within.  He knew it's impossible to have a lifetime of happiness, but the gratitude we can have for what makes us smile, and the connections we share with the people around us, the happier we become.  And happiness is contagious.

Our clothes share with us many of the characteristics we love about being Canadian, no matter where they are made (though we are proud to say we make all our products in Canada).  We go to the extra effort to make sure all our clothes are made with premium yarn that’s not only strong enough to avoid tearing, fraying or pilling, but also soft and easygoing to wear.   Our preshrunk sweatshirts  are made from a {bamboo/organic cotton blend} fleece fabric... for a supremely soft feel on the inside and outside…bringing a little extra happiness for anyone you might want to cuddle up to.