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Cedar Stack Candle

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cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust and white musk

LIMITED ENGAGEMENT/EDITIONS—'Tis the season, isn't it? One of your beloved scents is now dressed up in matte forest emerald to set the mood. The wax has been dyed a smoky gray, and gets darker as it melts. It is absolutely appropriate for the festive season that is upon us. Available in limited quantities.

A prettier take on the classic wood scentcedar chips and dried tobacco are led into deeper spiced floral notes of labdanum, while notes of peppercorn add a light bite to this smell, both modern and nostalgic. It's instant glamping in candle form.

Smoky gray dyed coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in matte forest emerald glass tumbler. 

Comes in embossed forest emerald carton with a shiny silver front label.

8.5 ounces (240g). 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall.

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