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Moms Popping Up

Kiren Singh

Posted on May 09 2017

Mother's Day was last Sunday and there is no better time to showcase this incredible group of mothers who are showcasing at our upcoming Spring Market Pop Up at the Soho House Toronto on Tuesday May 16th  For details email us info@thecode.ca to be added to the guest list.

Balancing a family and business is no easy task but this group make it look easy.  They are creative and dedicated and have found a niche in their markets for beautiful products and creative designs.  We, at The Code, love getting together with this group as we spend our time shopping one another's wares, but also supporting one another through growth and challenges.  

Steph Thompson Photography

Stephanie is a mom of 3 children with a background in marketing and advertising. Her passion for photography coincided with her first maternity leave and has grown alongside her children ever since. She launched her fine art photography business in the Fall of 2016. Her photos are mesmerizing and capture the beauty of natural and urban landscapes. 

"For me, photography is a perfect union of creativity and logic. My business brain, with a creative bent, is very happy behind the lens"



Printed Matter Paper

Cristin and Wendy are the mom duo's behind Printed Matter Inc.  Their love for paper began as youngsters writing notes in class, writing in diaries and coveting their parent's stationary.  They believe in the art of the hand written word in a constantly changing digital world.

Between the two they have 6 kids a busy life and a growing business.  They launched in July 2015 and have a long list of faithful and happy customers.  They are certainly top of mind for us for thank you cards, notepads, personal stationary and now throw cushions with their playful prints.

Jaxx and Marbles

When was your your "aha" moment?  Jaxx and Marbles founders Stephanie and Martha had theirs one summer a few years ago.  They discovered they were looking for kid's belts and could never find any appropriate ones for their kids so they decided to design a belt with a sense of “coolness” and of course high quality were all at the top of the list. Being made in their “own backyard” was also a key ingredient and has become a HUGE part of who Jaxx&Marbles is today.

They launched their business in November 2015 and have been outfitting young kids and teens across Canada every since.  They have 4 kids between them 2 boys and 2 girls each.  



Oro de Poe

Katrien Vandevelde Bizzotto is the beauty behind Oro de Poe, a Italian made and produced Olive Oil and Proseco business. She launched her business in 2015 and has 3 children who are not only excellent students but also amazing athletes. This means she is entrepreneur, chauffeur and mom, three hats she wears well!

Katrien and her husband have continued a family tradition, and planted 250 trees at the birth of each child, Amedeo in 2001, Maria Elisa in 2004, Pierpaolo in 2008. For each of them this is an invitation to uphold the contact with their roots and the sense of belonging to a piece of history and territory, concepts well expressed by an olive tree, and especially important to the family since they moved to Toronto.  Oro de Pòe is not only a great oil but also a concentration of human feelings: tradition, parental love, gratitude.



Barcelona Collective

We first met Roxana Esmaliji when she was a highly successful manager at Telus.  After deciding to spend more time with her family and launch her own business, the very successful Barcelona Collective was born.  With an passion for modern, comfortable, wear-everyday footwear Roxana created a shoe company which is been getting a great deal of press and traction in the last year.  The shoes are designed to fit one's busy life, every model built by hand.  And to boot, the heels are flat and flexible, light and washable!  She has two young beautiful boys at home who keep her on her feet.

They must be tried on - your feet will thank you.  


Lua y Bibi

Born and raised in the Canary Islands, Leyli was surrounded by the 400 year old architectural heritage and pristine beaches which has inspired her style, creativity and elegance.  She is an athlete and a mom to 3 beautiful girls and accomplished owner of the jewelry and accessory company Lua y Bibi.  

Lua y Bibi is about one-of-a-kind jewelry that is authentic, hand-crafted, and stylish, with a price tag that suits all shoppers. Leyli personally travels to Spain several times a year to choose the most beautiful lines from the best designers.


Elizabeth Denham Ceramics

Always sold out on the pop up circuit, Elizabeth Denham's impeccably designed ceramics are colourful, creative and necessary in everyone's home.  We can't get enough of her little heart bowls and single flower vases but it's the colour combinations in her nesting bowls that always have us ooh-ing and aah-ing.

She launched her business a couple of years ago and it's been non stop ever since. She can't keep up with the demand but we can't blame her - she has three children all under the age of 9.  




Taryn Sillaots is a a mom of two kids and became a consultant for Beautycounter in August 2016.  As many of us who are concerned about what goes in our skin care products, Taryn is a committed advocate.  The mission of Beautycounter is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

"This is about progress—not perfection. Because every little bit counts."  We are excited to shop the collection ourselves for ourselves and our children!